intermediate audition process

To help you in the process of submitting your audition video for our Intermediate class, please follow the steps below. To submit your audition via video, all you need to do is learn the short routine below, video record yourself performing it, then submit that to us. We will then be in touch with you about the result of your audition.

After submitting your video we will be in touch with you on the result of your audition. You will either be invited to proceed with purchasing your term pass for the Intermediate class, or you will be offered a spot into the Beginners class.

The final date to submit your audition video is Saturday 16 July 11:59PM

Step 1

Submit an enrolment form.

Step 2

Learn the routine. The following video contains a full performance of the routine you are learning along with a step by step breakdown of the dance for you to use as your learning resource.

Step 3

Film yourself dancing the routine. Please note that there is no costume requirement, you may wear clothes you are comfortable in. Please make sure that your whole body can be seen in the video (head to toe). Videos where we cannot see you properly may impact your overall audition result and we may ask you to make your submission again.

Step 4

Upload your video. Once your video audition is ready, you can upload it onto our google drive using the link below. The video title should be "Full Name.mp4".
You will require a google account to upload your video to our drive. For detailed instructions on filming and uploading to google drive please use our guide