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Ekta Creative Dance Studio was founded in 2020 to create a platform for traditional dance forms of the Indian subcontinent and the modern forms of movement today. Our unique approach to dance combines practices and features of various dance forms to offer students a wholistic experience of Bengali, Semi-Classical Bollywood, Folk and Modern Contemporary dance. Our philosophy encompasses the culture from which all dance forms are from to enhance a dancers' understanding of performance, story-telling, presence, expression and movement, to awake and nurture the artist that lives within each one of us.

Ekta Creative encapsulates the grace and essence of Indian dance and the enchanted rhythm of Bollywood. Founder and Director Auntora Chowdhury has elevated the Sydney performing arts scene with her unique distinguished choreography and is mesmerizing to watch.

Jinnie De

Director of Nupur Dance Group

My sister and I do a lot of dance performances but we find the task of choreographing too challenging and outside of our skill set! Auntora however is beyond talented at whipping up the most beautiful mesmerising dance choreographies, and in very little time! I can’t count the number of times people have asked us who has choreographed our dances! Beyond creating incredibly fun dance sequences, she is a really wonderful teacher - always showcasing warmth, kindness and patience, with an adept ability to break down moves in a way that can be easily picked up. I really can’t recommend her services enough!

Shanta Dey

Research Fellow

Auntora is an incredibly talented choreographer! She can come up with the most intricate moves instantly. She’s super patient and thoughtful and made me feel completely comfortable whenever I needed a step broken down. If I couldn’t do it, she’d come up with an easier move, which was just as beautiful, on the spot. Hands down would have her teach my sister and I again in a heartbeat.

Snigdha Dey


Dear Auntora, I want to say again my heart is full of pleasure to have you as my daughter's dance teacher. I really appreciate your dedication and skills in dance. Best wishes for you. Thank you.

Rania Halder

Student's Mother

Auntora has been my child's dance teacher for more than 5 years. First of all, I cannot help but appreciate her choreography in dance. The fluidity of her movement and expression mesmerizes the audience. As a dance teacher, Auntora is patient when teaching kids and communicates extremely well with both students and parents. Our daughter is always delighted to learn and perform Bengali and Classical style dances under Auntora's supervision and teaching. She also takes great care in choosing music and costume in relation to cultural programs. We highly recommend Auntora as a dance teacher and choreographer.

Sarmistha Chowdhury

Mother of a Student

Auntora helped my husband and I with our wedding first dance choreography. She has such a calm and friendly nature that made the whole process enjoyable and fun! Best thing about her choreography style (beyond being elegant and unique) is that she is willing to adjusts to your comfort level. If you’re considering Auntora as your choreographer for your wedding dances I would not hesitate and book her in!

Saptarshi Tithan Rakkar