Open/Adult Classes

Our Philosophy

Anyone can learn to dance. This is one of Ekta Creative's core values, that no matter what age or level you are at, there is something for you. We believe in providing a platform and path for anyone who loves to dance and wants to learn and grow. Each class is designed to help build confidence, develop awareness of rhythm and musicality, and challenge within the body's strengths and limitations. Our teaching philosophy places an emphasis on nurturing and developing deep understanding and skill of movement, music, rhythm and expression.

What sets us apart?

Our small class sizes and 10 years of Dance Teaching experience and 4 years of Primary and Special Needs Teaching experience shows that we understand that every person no matter their age and ability just needs attention, nurturing and an enriching environment to grow as a dancer.

The Classes

Minimum age requirement for all Open/Adult Classes is 15 years of age.

Over the course of a year, students are provided with a holistic experience of dance, learning a variety of styles from the Indian Subcontinent. Over the term, students will learn one dance routine in South Asian Dance styles such as Semi Classical, some forms of Traditional Folk, Contemporary, and Bollywood, in an integrated setting.

We offer two options for Adult Classes– Beginner and Intermediate.

Beginners: The Beginners class is perfect for anyone looking to start dance for the first time, or get back into dancing after a long break. Classes feature step by step guidance and a focus on technique development. We offer two options for the Beginner class, a Monday and a Sunday class.
Intermediate: The Intermediate class is for dancers with moderate experience and features intricate choreography and technique development. Applicants to this class are required to submit a video audition for entry.

Our term structure follows the NSW Public School dates and are 10 weeks long. Enrolment is only open for new students in Term 1, 2 and 3, with Term 4 being reserved for our end of year concert rehearsals only.

We do not run our classes on a casual attendance basis, all students are expected to attend for the full term.

Beginners (Monday)

7pm - 8pm
Seven Hills
Term Fee: $180

Term 3 Commences 22 July
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Beginners (Sunday)

10am - 11am
Seven Hills
Term Fee: $180

Term 3 Commences 22 July
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6pm - 7pm
Seven Hills
Term Fee: $180

Term 3 Commences 22 July
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Term calendar

Class Location


All of our classes are run at Entertainment Works Performing Arts Studio, in Seven Hills. Please note, we are not the owners of this studio and are only present there during class times.

Address: Level 1, 102 Station Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147
Please click here for the directions to and layout of the studio.

Term Fees


Ekta Creative operates on a term by term system of payment, where you pay for the entire 10 week term at once, and not week by week.
Payments are to be made prior to the term commencing. All Term Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. To learn more about our fee structure and processes, please click the button below.



Refer a Friend

Get 1 Class Free if you refer a friend. To receive the discount, you must inform us of your friend's details in your enrolment form, and they must also enrol for a term. The discount is only available for the person making the referral, NOT the person being referred.

Family Discount

If you are enrolling two or more members of your family (two children, or yourself and your child) you are eligible to receive 1 Class Free for each student. To receive the discount, you must complete an enrolment form for each student, and ensure all the names of the family members who are enrolling are listed in the relevant field at the bottom of the form. Please note this discount is only available to direct family members such as your own children, your siblings, your husband/wife.

Intermediate Audition

To audition for our Intermediate class, please follow the steps below.

After submitting your audition video we will be in touch with you regarding the result of your audition. You will either be invited to proceed with completing payment for your class, or you will be offered a spot into an alternative class.

Step 1

Learn the audition routine using the following video, which contains a full performance along with a step by step breakdown of the dance for you to use as your learning resource.

Step 2

Film yourself dancing the routine. Please note that there is no costume requirement, you may wear clothes you are comfortable in. Please make sure that your whole body can be seen in the video (head to toe). Videos where we cannot see you properly may impact your overall audition result and we may ask you to make your submission again.

Step 3

Upload your video. Once your video audition is ready, you can upload it onto our google drive using the link below. The video title should be "Full Name.mp4".
You will require a google account to upload your video to our drive. For detailed instructions on filming and uploading to google drive please use our guide.

Step 4

Complete our 2-Step enrolment process. Once you have submitted your video and form, we will be in touch with you regarding the result of your audition.