About Us

Our Mission

At Ekta Creative Dance Studio, our mission is to empower dancers of all backgrounds and abilities to express themselves through South Asian dance traditions. Founded in 2020, we offer a platform for exploring traditional and contemporary styles, fostering holistic growth in musicality, rhythm, and movement. Through a supportive environment, we enable individuals to discover their artistic potential and celebrate the rich heritage of dance.

Founder & Director

Auntora Chowdhury, founder and director of Ekta Creative Dance Studio, grew up in Sydney, Australia, immersed in traditional Bengali music and dance as a first-generation Australian-born Bengali. Introduced to the performing arts by her parents, she has spent the past decade deepening her expertise in choreography and artistic expression, drawing inspiration from Traditional Bengali Folk, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Bollywood, and Contemporary Dance styles.

With a genuine passion for teaching, she pursued studies in Primary and Special Education at the University of New England and dedicated five years to serving as a Primary Special Needs teacher. In 2020, she merged her dual passions and founded Ekta Creative Dance Studio.

Committed to preserving and sharing South Asian dance culture in Australia, Auntora has collaborated with various community and commercial organizations, including government councils, schools, and entertainment companies, in performance and teaching roles. Alongside her dedication to dance, Auntora also nurtures her passion for Hindustani Classical Music through ongoing training in singing.