Auntora Chowdhury is the founder and director of Ekta Creative Dance Studio. She is a Teacher, Dancer and Choreographer born, brought up and based in Sydney, Australia who, from very early on in her childhood, was taught traditional Bengali dance by her mother, and Bengali music and singing by her father. She learnt Bharatanatyam for a short time when she was very young, and later on followed her interest in exploring other dance styles through watching videos on YouTube and following along. Here, she picked up influence from Kathak, Odissi, Bollywood, and Folk Dance styles. In high school Auntora studied dance where she was able to deepen her knowledge of choreography and artistic expression through movement, while also learning core techniques of conditioning the body and foundations in Contemporary Dance. Since then, she has been choreographing and teaching dance for about a decade and a half.

Auntora's passion for preserving and sharing the rich cultural roots of art from the Indian subcontinent in Australia, led her to taking on the position of the dance teacher at a Community Bengali Language School run by Bangladesh Society for Puja and Culture Inc. (BSPC) for the past 5-6 years. Here she taught majority second generation Australian born Bengali children, between the ages of 5-14, dance in the Bengali Language, and prepared them for a multitude of small and major Community Events all around Sydney. In 2014, her choreography led her to being a finalist in The Fast+Fresh Dance Showcase at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta. With her second greatest passion being singing, Auntora also trains in Hindustani Classical Music. In 2021, she worked alongside Cumberland City Council to create two pre-recorded dance workshops, for children and adults, as part of their Virtual Diwali Festival.

After studying Primary and Special Education at the University of New England, she worked as a Primary Special Needs teacher for 4 years. She then decided to combine her passions of dance and teaching into building a dance school and company rooted in three core values -

Empower, Enable and Express.

We Empower each other as dancers to build confidence in ourselves in a supportive, collaborative and safe space;
We Enable all who harbour a desire to learn to dance regardless of age, skill level or background and;
We respect and remember the roots of Expression inTraditional Dance, while paving way to the new and emerging forms of Dance.